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Case Studies


Leisure Travel Case Studies

We Believe Nothing Is Impossible

We have over 35 years of working in the travel industry that isn’t based on brochures but first-hand knowledge. We feel that it’s important to have experienced a location and understand what hurdles travelers may face whilst reaching their final destination to discover the enjoyment that awaits them.
The quality of travelers varies due to budgets. It’s not based on location but on what individuals hope to achieve as a result of being able to enjoy their perfect retreat. Bespoke programs also allow you to fine-tune a budget for the experience. This means that any not wanted add-ons from tour operators can be ditched and a replacement option can be added without hassle.
As the global landscape changes, there will always be hidden gems around the globe yet to be explored. These would include; the Caribbean, Maldives, Vietnam, Croatia, California, or rain forests of the Amazon.
Never underestimate the value of an experience because you’ll be talking about it with friends over dinner parties for years. Our office has the technical know-how and experience in understanding all types of traveler needs. It’s this quality that allows us to offer a service that’s above the rest of the travel world.
As no two individuals on the planet are the same… We often run topical campaigns through our travel page based on individual personalities and crafted experiences. These can be based on ECO, Farming assistance to exploring GEO volcanos around the globe.
Did you know that a change of scenery can often help many resolve certain forms of anxiety. Time away to rethink options at a location that makes you relax is often the perfect prescription.  Enjoy travel programs focused on fun topics and adventures that can help remove short-term feelings that relax nerves.

Regular Concepts

Family Retreat

THE REQUIREMENT We were approached by grandparents looking to reconnect with their grandchildren. The concept was simple, but needed to be interactive and include a sense of adventure.

“It’s alway’s about the results”

THE RESULT was a fourteen-day holiday within a private game reserve in South Africa that was within the Krugar National Park. The setting was to provide a location yard from the Elephant watering hole. 

Scenice Explorations

THE REQUIREMENT: A traveller provided us with start point being a small town withthe UK and a final destination that was to be Tuscany Italy. The traveller wanted to capture the best of local markets on route that were off the beaten track and still arrive at his final destination refreshed. 

THE RESULT: We arranged a travel program that once he was in Europe would ensure no more than two and a half to three hours drive, a restful accommodation package at various five-star chateaux or country escapes, time for a restful adventure within the area before departing for another days exploring till arrival at his final destination. (Some journey times did exceed the three hour drive limit due to local city traffic and misc obstacles). 

Saving the planet

THE REQUIREMENT: A holiday that is low in carbon footprint yet doesn’t detract from the experience

THE RESULT: Rail v Aircraft.  Rail based journeys still offer lower carbon footprint when complared to travelling via aircraft. We are often miss guided to assume that a holiday starts upon arrival at a destination, but why not consider it starting from the day of travel and enjoying every moment. 

Rich & Famous

THE REQUIREMENT: A peaceful retreat away from hidden cameras.

“Location, Location, Location & Budget”

THE RESULT:  The best way to ensure complete privacy is a what’s known as a “BUY-OUT”. As the name suggests, it’s complete occupancy of a venue, location and only available to those selected on a travellers guest list.

Private Small Group Away Day

THE REQUIREMENT: A small group of friends that require a designed package that encompasses fun, and adventure.

THE RESULT: By using strengths from our corporate division that include buying power and group ideas, we are able to design the perfect group away day regardless of where a traveller is from and where they would like to enjoy their group adventure.

6. Back-to-Back Options

THE REQUIREMENT: Staying at a fixed site for over seven days can become tiresome, and often a back-to-back option resolves this by a combination of two holidays at different locations within one timeline.

THE RESULT: A fourteen-day retreat where the party would fly out to one location, enjoy the location for seven days, be transferred to the second location after seven days, and potentially fly back home from a different location. 

Weddings & Honeymoons – SANDALS

THE REQUIREMENT: Bespoke wedding that creates an amazing memory

THE RESULT: Many well-known tour operator brands will offer customers a regular conveyor belt-style wedding package as standard. But what is a standard wedding? 

Reputation is everything… One of the main reasons we work alongside Sandals is their attention to detail. In reality, they have been excelling our customer needs. 

Talk to our travel dept about your next wedding and discover what makes a memory stand out.