Employee Wellness

For All Organisations

Maintaining a healthy work environment is key to every organisation. 

Employers commissioning an onsite Mental Health First Aider can result in improving employee wellbeing resulting in a possible increase in bottom-line profits. 

The Mental Health Aider is someone who is neutral and is there to provide valuable support and information. All discussions between the Mental Health First Aider and an employee remain at all times Private & Confidential. 


With such a variety of health services available, to many, this becomes a minefield.
The main reason is the lack of knowledge in being able to find the best source for advice.

The role of a Mental Health First Aider is first of all to LISTEN impartially. To give support and information on suitable organisations focusing on specific topics.

A helpful and invaluable resource at your fingertips.

Topics may include: Abuse, Advice & Support, Advocacy, Anxiety, Armed Forces, Bereavement, Bipolar, Blind and Sight Loss, Carer and Family Support, Crisis Care and Support, Deaf and Hearing Loss, Dementia, Depression, Disability, Eating Disorder, Epilepsy Friendly, Ethnic Support, Financial Support, Frontline Staff, Gambling Addiction, Health Related Support, Hearing Voices, Homelessness, LGBT+ Support, Loneliness, Menopause, Men’s Support, Neurodivergence, OCD, Older People’s Support, Panic Attacks, Parinatel Support, Physical Activity and Movement, Prison and Probation Friendly, Pycohosis, Rural and Agricultural Support, Schizophrenia, Self-Harm, Student Support, Substance Misuse, Therapy, Trauma, Urgent 24/7 Crisis Support, Women’s Support, Young Persons Support

Don’t hesitate to contact our office should you wish to offer our service internally at your office.

Individuals are key to any organisational growth. 

Encouragement & Positiveness

Employers that find themselves with employees leaving, may be due to various factors. These can range from unworkable areas, excessive work pressures, or even stale careers with no prospect of progression. In such cases, please refer to our section covering employee incentive travel.

Self Time

The enjoyment of personal space could often be just what you need. Doctors often feel that, if only it were possible to prescribe someone a holiday. The best way to define a need is to have a 121 chat in a relaxed setting. A reminder that all 121 discussions are always private and confidential.