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The reality is that many want a day to remember. Good operational and logistics specialists can make your wedding and honeymoon an experience you’ll want to cherish. It starts by going through the whole brief in full.

We work closely with many in-house wedding planners around the globe that are based on-site in providing the fine-tuning that differentiates between ordinary and spectacular.

We are a specialist travel & event company. Not surprising that subject to final group numbers, we can often offset a percentage of the final cost against a couple’s honeymoon cost. Our task is no different from putting together any complex theatrical Broadway show. An event that is professionally managed from concept to completion.

With an ever-increasing demand for unique wedding locations. Our international events are handled by locally based project managers that understand the need for a good supplier network.


We can do it all for you…

Don’t confirm any venue PRICE before you have spoken to us.

Bespoke Wedding Service


Our overseas wedding portfolio offers greater value and planning flexibility. These include licensed venue sourcing, (Option of private hire), wedding registrar, and license documentation rules and conditions. Our task is to ensure that those booking honeymoons are completely pressure free to face their special time in a relaxed and positive mood.

Our task is, to design the perfect event and help make you feel amazing. We work alongside many wedding planners across 37 different countries. We are happy to offer you unbiased advice and expertise that helps you get more from your special day.

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We know How To Make An Event Stand Out

FOR MANY THAT PLAN THEMSELVES… the secrets behind orchestrating the perfect event, are often based on budget.
We are a company that promotes quality and value, our work ethics state that you as the customer are our number one priority is your happiness.
The one thing we do not do is advise on the selection of dress wear for weddings.

Please complete the form on this page in full and we will contact you with ideas on how to move forward. You don’t need to be a resident of the UK in order for our office to help you. Should you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact our office on:

 01404 811 849