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The reality is that the best person to organise that special day is someone with years of experience. It’s often not an inexperienced event planner. What you need is a good operation and logistics specialists that can offer a full package. It starts from having the first meeting and going through the whole brief in full. But it does not end here !

Because we are a travel & event company, It’s not so surprising that subject to total group numbers, we can often off-set a percentage of the final cost against a couples honeymoon expenditure. Our task is no different to putting together a complex theatrical event that is professionally managed from concept to completion. With an ever increasing demand for unique weddings. The beauty is that all international events are handled by locally based project managers that specialise in weddings. Try our team today.


If your wedding event is being hosted in Somerset, Devon or Cornwall (SW ENGLAND) then click here.

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Overseas weddings can often be cheaper subject to location and offer greater flexibility. The additional logistics are travel arrangements. These include licensed venue sourcing, (Option of private hire), wedding registrar, licence documentation rules and conditions. Our task is to ensure that you are pressure free to face your special time in a relaxed and positive mood.

Ottery Travel (Our in-house travel department) is able to offer unique access to locations and deals based on group bookings. In many cases the costs for the bride and groom can often be heavily discounted, and at times even zero. This is because the total spend value from the remaining group out-weighs the financial benefits compared to that for just two people. There are many hidden venues around the world that specialise purely within the weddings market.


Due to social distancing, we now offer our clients the option of enhancing their special event outside by errecting an amazing marquee. The size of marquee structures may vary from 100 people to over 10,000 capacity. On location, we can also provide a full banqueting team that are able to provide menus to suit your budget. An experienced on-site project manager / host that ensures your event runs to perfection.


Our task is to design the perfect event and help make you feel amazing. We have ground handling teams all around the globe that are at location, happy to offer you unbiased advice and expertise that helps you get more from your special day.

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FOR MANY THAT PLAN THEMSELVES… the secrets behind orchestrating the perfect event, is often based on budget.
We are a company that promotes quality and value, our work ethics state that you as the customer are our number one priority and not the venue.

The one thing we do not do is advise on selection of dress wear for weddings.

Please complete the form on this page in full and we will contact you with ideas on how to move forward. You don’t need to be a resident of the UK in order for our office to help you. Should you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact our office on:

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