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Making our world clean again

Global Issues

Global issues…

The world we love in will NOT clean itself. Under the advice from the (WHO) World Health Organisation in March 2020, many countries decided to close major factories around the world. It was initially to help reduce the fight against the deadly global COVID-19 virus.

In doing so, saw many living and working in countries with extreme pollution from China, India and parts of the United States experience something really amazing. What is feels like to have the opportunity to breath fresh air.

Although the global lockdown was targeting the demise of COVID-19, the realisation was that we are all part of a bigger picture where we all need to play our part in restoring over 100 years of damage caused. The world we live on is life itself.

Doing Our Bit

Doing our bit…

Since 2002, we have been keen to be involved in a variety of travel projects that help towards enviromental cleaning.

Our dedicated travel team would be happy to offer advice on group event planning involving activities and locations where you make a real difference and equally where all parties involved whether it be a corporate meeting or a couple away on holiday, get the satisfaction of having done something positive.

Focused goal

Focused goal..

The fact is that we all need to work towards a focused goal in helping clean our environment. Having small pockets of campaigners protesting, cleaning our world beaches of plastic, is great. BUT A LOT MORE NEEDS TO BE, SHOULD BE, & CAN BE DONE.

In our flight in helping with various projects, ECO Tourism is expanding where individuals are seeing the benefit of helping clean the world we live in whilst enjoying time away having felt that they did their part.

If this type of holiday appeals to you, coame and discuss your passion with one of our travel team members today.

Doing something however small, is always better than doing nothing at all.




Philanthropists welcome

Philanthropists welcome…

We are always keen to hear from philanthropists who may wish to help us with our passion in making the world a cleaner place. Our task is not to galmourise something we are all aware of, but to helping encourage people in becoming more EARTH AWARE RESPONSIBLE.