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On Screen Persona 
No such thing as a born on-screen presenter
All video presenters are created.

Presentation skills are an extension of one’s personality. The greater the audience, the greater the insecurity. The key is being confident on camera and this takes persistence and role playing. Persistence is the only way.


Projecting on social media using a handheld mobile has its faults. Promoting personal messages on Linkedin, and Instagram need to be choreographed photoshoots. Regardless of how advanced mobile phones have become, you are still limited in how you engage with your audience.


THIS IS WHERE WE CAN HELP: The magic happens when you can project your personality through either a photographic or video presentation. Something often found in TV commercials.


CHARGES: Our office charge for this service is £500.00 plus tax per hour. There are no time constraints as this needs to be perfect. An unhurried service is key. Please note that travel and accommodation charges are not included as these would be additional to the photographic costs. There is a minimum requirement of two hours.


(Extreme examples: We know that Mickey Mouse from Disney or Ronald McDonald’s mascot 1970 – 1980 are not real, yet society has accepted these characters as identities that project fun).
We never underestimate the power of visualisation.

Corporate Video Presentation

Everyone is selling something whether it’s a product service or themselves online. What matters is presentation and delivery. With any visual presentation, what you don’t want is giving someone an excuse to fast-forward your message.

We have the necessary film production set-up consisting of studios, image consultants, cameras, body microphones, and digital editing equipment and key locations around the globe on hand that can be successfully used to help individuals enhance how they are seen through the media.
A world led by the importance of self-value on screen (Persona).



PLASTIC FANTASTIC OR REAL: We all accept that improving self-inspiring presentation skills on social media is a must. Off-site video presentation learning skills help improve persona and mindsets and are based on how others see you, whether it’s in the boardroom presentations or on social media platforms like Instagram.


PERSONA: Self Identity | Self Image | Self Concept > Better Online Media Presence | Enhancing Personal Characteristics | Self Confidence | 

Something to consider

What value would you put on delivering a smooth-to-the-point friendly relaxed video message that addresses all key topics? 

We guide you through every aspect of production to editing from the concept of a story-board to the completion of final production regardless of how long it takes.

Video Presentation Skills

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