Surprise Celebrations


Creative ideas that surprise

Some say it flowers, but subject on how much of an impression you want to make, some will ask us to design and execute the whole event on their behalf.

We’re never short of ideas

Imagine your partner booking an over night retreat at a hidden location. Your arrival to the venue is by private helicopter charter around 4pm, upon arrival you are greeted with some hot towels and a welcome drink. By this time, your bags have already been taken to your room. You are escorted to your room were welcome flowers and a complementary fruit bowl along with a welcome letter from the hotel greets you. After a couple of hours of relaxation time, your dining table is ready for you.

In the morning, your late check-out has been pre-organised and you depart the same way you arrived. A helicopter trip is available across many global locations including the romantic scenery 30km from Venice.

Venue: Villa Luppis
Location: 30 kms from Venice

The above is simply an idea, call our office to design something special for you. Our team is never short on event ideas, besides they have to be Fun Events.

White Parties

A term given to events where thing including those in attendance come in white. These have been organised by in the past in Las Palmas and across other regions of Spain. They are usually a birthday celebration amongst private groups. A very popular event within the LGBT community.

More information on White Parties