The Perfect Meeting Venue

Scenic Eclipse

6-star ultra-luxury yacht

Scenic Eclipse 6-star ultra-luxury yacht

A business cost that helps make the right impression…
What we say to clients is that…
If it 
‘looks expensive… then you will have exceeded your search are privileged in being able to offer ‘The Perfect Meeting Venue’. Recommended booking duration: 12 days

The 6-star ultra-luxury Scenic Eclipse. The Scenic Eclipse sets a new benchmark in the realm of ultra-luxury cruising. It offers 85 voyages covering 7 continents and 54 countries. Indulge in one of the 10 dining experiences, a state-of-the-art wellness center, a helicopter and it also has its very own submarine. Perfect for discovering what lies beneath the sea.

The yacht offers a large auditorium that would complement any type of corporate event from; Incentives, Conferences, Group buy-outs, Product Launches, rewards & Recognition to Presentations, Lectures, and special events where perception and final impressions matter. Brochures are available upon request – Please complete the online brochure request on this page.


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