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Whether you are a boutique function venue or one of the well-known international brands in the public eye, new business is always going to be key to sustainability and growth.

We would love to have you join our portfolio of clients. Getting corporate clients using a venue can be one of the best income generators for a business that promotes group conferences. We have in the past, had hotel operations showering us with silly figure commission rates. It’s not about the short term. We use a tried and tested long-term formula that actually works. It’s far more productive than having either an exhibition stand at a show or the cost of any single full-page advert within any high-profile magazine.

We offer venues a marketing platform that is geared towards promoting them to high-end corporate clients. Our formula for building NEW client business into the venue is not based on any heightened commission rates but one that is fixed, pre-set at the beginning. We understand what it takes in building revenue.



We have a successful landing page that is marketing new business into venues within our portfolio “VenueSearch



Event venues are always looking to capture a slice of any lucrative social or corporate market and this is where we can help.

There is a single non-refundable ‘one-off admin charge’ payable by all venues to the value of £630.25 plus vat*. ONLY APPLICABLE; to any venue that offers a minimum function space covering 10o pax for round table dining within an open space.

In addition, venues requesting our office for purposes of initial site inspections are billed advance travel expenses.
The venue further agrees that for any business revenue introduced, the venue agrees to pay an ‘industry-standard commission’ that equates to either 7% net or 10% gross based on full C&B, F&B including any accommodation charges made to the introduced party.

Site inspections allow us to grasp a better understanding of the venue and promote discussions on how best to market the venue. We are not PR gurus but are experienced in marketing venues to both existing and new clients alike. We know what makes the meetings industry work. In some circumstances, we may also consider bringing a potential client along at the time of a site inspection.

From the initial site inspection, our office will outline a business proposal depicting clarity on how we move forward and the frequency of proposed events for the venue.


We would recommend that any venue marketing campaign be run is for a minimum term of 12 months. We would consider various options from social media, and attendance at various industry-established promotions, marketing, networking, and exhibition events. The purpose is to establish a bespoke promotion that is packaged to your needs. Having been in the events industry for over 35 years, we understand the complexities of generating any new business and feel confident in helping you increase your bottom-line profits.



The term “Venues” refers to hotels, designated conference, and meeting spaces, sail yachts, cruise yachts, sports event locations, and historic iconic places of interest, including palaces around the world.


You can tell us about your venue for FREE

Completing the form does not provide any social media or marketing exposure but simply informs our office about your venue should we have an event inquiry that fulfills a client’s needs.

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We’re good at promoting venues


Your reasons…

(1) Not well known to many corporate event planners.
(2) Lack of in-house marketing ideas or direct contacts from corporate organisations.
(3) Venues will often say; They do not justify employing someone full-time, but they need business.
(4) Venues may have great sales teams but often don’t understand the difference between basic bedroom sales and C&B focused on corporate sales.


  • Our Platform Is Geard To Building Revenue

  • The Encouragement Of More Usage Of Venues

  • Establishing Better User Experience & Perception

  • Potential Of Increasing Repeat Business

  • Enhancing venue USPs To Corporate Clients

  • Increasing Brand Identity & Establishing Customer Loyalty

  • Listing of the venue within our own directory



Leadership and Influence

We aim to:

· Promote, inspire venues and engage with corporate buyers to promote your venue.

· We work effectively alongside all team members, seeking input, contributing ideas, and suggestions, and sharing relevant information with all department heads concerned.

· We work towards promoting functions like conferences, weddings, meetings, and small group celebrations safely in times of COVID

Communication and presentation:

· We would offer information to senior management in a clear manner, verbally and where relevant, in writing where changes need to be considered covering relevant shows that may encourage new business.

· We share information with relevant team members.

· Our aim is to build and maintain relationships that help excel your business via all forms of business leads and promotions.

· Look at potential marketing and business development opportunities.


Sales, Marketing, and Growth:

· It is important to ensure that all relevant team heads understand and follow up on any potential areas of revenue. Follow up and ensure expectations are met and where possible exceeded.

· Our operations team keeps an eye on business generation for your venue at the venue.