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THE EVENTS APP is geared to offer organisers better control over their group. This could be by providing alerts for meeting slots, conference programs, useful local information related to an event, etc. These can also be incorporated within team-building events and activities. 

Lost anyone within the group yet?
The most common problem with travel incentives is when someone falls behind to look at something and suddenly finds themselves lost from the group or forgotten to change their watch settings to the location and find themselves either too early or too late for attendance. 

Our events team is currently testing an APP that does more than just an itinerary sheet.
The APP can also be customised to incorporate logos and much more…

It’s a complex objective in grouping delegates. A small cost-effective APP is there to help.

Its purpose is to help you plan high-impact events without a high budget.
The cost of the APP is refundable when we handle the complete event from concept to completion.

Overcome any marketing and internet-related public awareness issues through structured campaigns. Google Certificated.