Harv Sethi – Founder

Mentor – Educator – PR – Marketeer – Business Development

My role:

To develop, maintain and provide comprehensive performance-increasing concepts that ensure the provision of effective quality-assured corporate performance.


Key Responsibilities Valued By Organisations:

We design event programs that inspire and motivate employees and enhance operational management requirements.


We develop bespoke concepts that improve communication, and performance by formulating constructive and reachable goals aimed at forging alliances between all employees. 


We are happy to provide ongoing training at remote inspiring locations that enhance growth-based support and offer advice to operational staff.


My personal life balance derives from hands-on event planning and logistical experiences dating back to when I was 21.


I have held every position thinkable within the hospitality sector. including events management including organised group training workshops, These have all been senior operations and decision-making roles. These multiple industry experiences would later become the cornerstone of FunEvents.com


The world may be an ever-changing place, but over time, people’s habits, characters, and need for excitement have always remained the same.

I have always been an optimist, that has loved the diversity within people and discovering what makes them inspired. Happiness is the key to any positive event experience. Like fingers on a hand, many portray different traits that make them who they are.


But, I find that it’s always good to exceed customer expectations. Always see the best in people and for some, by offering that second chance.

Harv Sethi – Founder & CEO
Uplifting Groups Events Through
Global Knowledge, Experience, and Reputation

Quality and knowledge that makes the difference
The brand has taken me on an exciting global journey full of amazing experiences, and one where I have managed to build strong partnerships with many decision-makers within well-known brands. These have included some of the world’s movers and shakers.

In 2006, It was decided to purchase a travel and holiday dept. Having a ticketing arm would allow us to increase our service to global coverage. I will always work towards delivering exceptional service to repeat customers and clients alike.

FunEvents.com is a trading name for FunEvents Corporate Services Limited. Regardless of event size or budget, I aim to exceed YOUR expectations.

The secret behind my success is… an overactive imagination.