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We can’t help but notice the volume of empty venues within amazing locations around the world.  There seems to be an abundance of amazing venues, whether they be palaces, stately homes, private clubs, restaurants and many high-end dining venues.

Often owned by various off shore organisations, government departments, private collector and families. Many prefer to keep them out of public view and sadly gather dust. Our task is to work alongside such owners by introducing them solely to be marketed exclusively towards corporate functions.

Step 1. Site Inspection.
This allows us to do research on a location and understand the potential of a venue.

Step 2. Marketing and administration.
Potential marketing is based on our own market research and the administration is more about what type of management the owners prefers we handle.

Invest in success

Upon a mutual project acceptance, we provide a brief outlining an structure depicting profit and loss projections. Unlike work handled by corporate receivers, our target is potentially based on the development of a future business. The average time frame we consider to turn round  a successful project from concept to completion would be is a twelve month window but the minimum project time period is usually 3 years after which time all contracts would be renegotiated.

As ex-hoteliers, understanding man management is easy. If you would like us to market your venue for meetings and events, then consider the benefit of bringing us onboard. We are here to give you the chance to turn assets into financially rewarding projects.

Besides. Venues that make money automatically carry a higher price tag !

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It’s healthier to have assets work for you

We offer a support service that works alongside various marketing and tourism offices.


Imagine event buyers discovering fresh venues and event suppliers…