Overseas Site Inspections

& Including Film Location Scouting


Site inspections are suitability studies.

Is a particular location right for your event?    We see events a little like mini film productions, where lighting, staging, location and the overall facilities are in place so that your event is a success.

Its what we do best…

We look at questions like the quality and value of an event whether it’s a wedding, a conference venue, accommodation issues, is there enough travel links to and from your final destination or are coaches required?

On paper, all looks well and good, but in reality, since the photographs were last taken, the venue you selected may be undergoing modernisation on your event date, so easy access and noise pollution may be an issue that will reflect on your event.

How far is the accommodation and what are the transport links to and from any point of interest. For example, the local restaurant, what activities etc.

Site inspections are a valuable way to asses that the proposal written for you by our office are genuine and allow the prospective client to experience a dry run for their event.

When you are planning for 30 people, things can be easily corrected, but should you be organising for a congress of over 1000, fine details are paramount.

Our experience along with our specialist partners ensure that every “ t ” is crossed and  “ i ” has been dotted.

Site inspection visits are always accompanied by one of our project managers. Meetings are arranged with our representation office that helps go through every aspect of an event.

Please feel free to ask our office for more information.

The value of site inspections

Ignoring real time inspections and relying on internet information may cause issues purely because any data entered on-line can always be subject to clerical errors.  On-site inspections safe guard this as potential clients can see all aspects of a venue or even several prior to making any concrete decision on best choice and value.