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2020 will always be remembered as the COVID year, when 90% of industry stood still. I recolect a film once called the day the earth stood still in as such that it took something serious for people to realise the ownership of our precious earth. Covid has also changed the way we now conduct conferences and meetings. Many have adopted using Zoom or Skype as an alternative by locking themselves away from any outside human contact. Others have adapted with social distancing. Social distancing with sit down conference planning is still possible if planned well.

Spacing delegates is not enough, as many planners forget the three vital ingredienats that make us human.
TO SEE (Introduce personal desk monitors, one per delegate).
TO HEAR (Respect that sound travels differently within an auditourium than a small closed space to make allowances)
TO SMELL (Smell of warm fresh bread is perfect when selling a home. The smell of yesturdays event on the carpet is not so inviting).


Nothing beats a good conference experience or an event where delegates enjoy engaging with the hosting organisation. Our role is helping key in-house conference planners find their perfect venue.

Our task is to understand the complete brief and then offer venue suggestions that full-fill the clients needs.

Step by step assistance…

OVERSEAS EVENTS – We Tick every box.
[1] Group Retention,
[2] Group Bonding,
[3] Greater conference impact and retention,
[4] Value for money
[5] Overseas 2 night packaging can be cheaper than a single night in a city location – Subject to staying away from international brands.


Comparison based on
24 hour UK v 48 hours in Europe

Conference Room Hire
1 Nights Accommodation
Airport Transfers
Conference Room Hire
2 Nights Accommodation
Team Building
UK London City

£400 per person

 European Package

CHEAPER THAN £400  per person


WHY MANY CHOOSE US – We have a vast portfolio of key international venues, in fact access to over 850,000 including suppliers, event products and services. We will always have on-site project managers that take care of every aspect of an event, from concept to completion. If it’s your first event ever, we are able to guide all clients through step by step event planning, thus ensuring they do not hit any type of financial pitfall.


WE ARE THE FIRST UP AND THE LAST TO SLEEP – Our knowledge and experience within the conference planning market is more than just show-calling, project management, production, set, and stage design. It also covers group transportation, airline ticketing, all ground agent activities, team building events, branding and Point of sale materials, gifts, spouse programs, and delegate gifts. Don’t forget…  We’ll find the venue for you FREE OF CHARGE.

Phew…  But there’s more !!!

In Addition…

  • Accommodation – we negotiate the best rates on your behalf

  • Assistance with any printed literature, such as welcome packs, printed maps, itineraries etc..

  • Branding / Promotional Materials inc Clothing

  • Delegate registration and check-in

  • Fully manned help desk, the registration point

  • On-site Event / Project Manager

  • Access to purpose built conference rooms, hotels to cruise ships.

  • Sourcing of suitable Speakers

  • Transfer service – Airport & Local Destinations

  • Travel documentation inc VISA assistance

  • Venue Finding (From land to ocean-based floating cruises)

FREE Conference Venue Search

…we make it happen !

Popular amongst Conference Planning
are our Travel Incentives & Reward Programs

Technical Support Team. We have established a strong working partnership with various support suppliers around the globe that handle all our technical requirements. Our role a smooth running event from the start.We are able to offer a full design service for conferences and events of any size. This would include, initial concept work, artwork, stage set build, and installation.