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It’s a fact that many large organisations will have a dedicated events team that plan conferences. As an event operation that has been handling logistics for 35 years, our purpose is to establish a good working partnership alongside in-house corporate event planners. As many logistic infrastructures have the same format, our key role becomes one of packaging together all the necessary key elements of an event.

Our purpose is to help an organisation save money. Knowing that results matter, we do this by understanding tax liabilities, and enhancing the event through careful selection of selected suppliers and products recommended. All conference project are unique and as such, we are happy to discuss them individually and offer proposals with no obligation.

In-house event planners may be very knowledgable about how their organisation works internally but will seldom know how event streamling works. Partnerships with an external event specialist are good practice as they help enhance serious cost savings.

The role of is to work alongside in-house event planners for the following purpose. To package the following key essentials that make the task of any in-house event planner easier. (Besides, this is what we’re good at doing). For example; Using our experience, expertise and global connections within the events market, we offer in-house event planners the following on a single proposal sheet that also often will couple up as a business function sheet for us to work to: Free Venue selection process, group flight ticketing if needed, speedy accommodation check in service (Taking in consideration an special needs), all meeting and break out rooms as required, AV and full marketing and production including local set design for staging if necessary, all lunch requests (Inc dietary requirements),  All team building activities, gala dinner presentations. In fact, every aspect of an event from concept to completion. As the service being provided is classed as a business expense, all key elements are provided to in-house clients fully priced including any management fees applicable.

As principal, we are able to design in full or in part, event package to business clients for purposes of organised business events around the globe. These may include part or in full the following; Airport transfer, Hotel bookings, Meeting Room Hire, AV & Staging, Team building activities. Our team are only too happy to explain.

Value For Money

Nothing beats the sense of knowing that you got the best deal. A good conference is about delegate interaction and being able to deliver any message to a captive audience.

Some organisations entice delegates through gifts as encouragement but these are often perks that are now treated as a normal stage of a booking process. A good conference is one where an organisation ultimately recoups it’s investment and also saves money through smart event planning logistics.  This is why we would always potentially recommend an overseas conference location.

We have a vast portfolio of key international venues. Currently over 850,000 including specialist on-site suppliers. Our on-site project managers are permanently based on location. There is a huge advantage to having local knowledge.

Our knowledge and experience includes ‘show-calling’ an event.

Phew…  But there’s more !!!

An example of add-on services

  • Accommodation – we negotiate the best rates on your behalf

  • Assistance with any printed literature, such as welcome packs, printed maps, itineraries etc..

  • Branding / Promotional Materials inc Clothing

  • Delegate registration and check-in

  • Fully manned help desk, the registration point

  • On-site Event / Project Manager

  • Access to purpose built conference rooms, hotels to cruise ships.

  • Sourcing of suitable Speakers

  • Transfer service – Airport & Local Destinations

  • Travel documentation inc VISA assistance

  • Conference rebate scheme

  • FREE Venue Finding (Including ocean-based cruise ships)

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