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A welcome conference support agency

A welcome addition to an in-house events team. Whether it’s the convenience of project management or because our conferences are tax-qualifying. 

Our event operation is able to provide conference planning in every aspect. This includes Set-design, Production, Flight Ticketing, Airport transfers, Rail travel, Meeting Room Set-up, Group Incentives, and competitive Team Challenges based on the interests based on the attending delegates. 

Our key role is packaging together all the elements of a perfect event. Save money as final results matter.

We can assist in helping you enhancement an event by adding the following: Motivational Speakers, Facilitators, Cabaret Artists, Celebrities, and more


Are you planning a conference in the near future?

When planning a conference, many won’t have the names of those attending but need to pre-book with many suppliers in advance. These are based on projected numbers. For example, hotels need to know how many rooms may be required as would airlines for seat reservation purposes. 

Reserving seats now will secure a single price, and allow the client to add the final names to the reserved seats for the event.


Do you entertain delegates at your location?

We are also known to assist in-house conference venues by offering them our travel service. Should you require group ticketing for flights for individuals attending your event from overseas, then we are here to help.

Our travel department is able to offer a stand-alone ticketing facility, especially for event venues around the world. This also applies to universities and campuses that have seasonal visitors.


Value For Money

Nothing beats the sense of knowing that you got the best deal. A good conference is about delegate interaction and being able to deliver any message to a captive audience.

A good conference is one where an organisation ultimately recoups its investment and also saves money through smart event planning logistics.  This is why we would always potentially recommend an overseas conference location.

We have a vast portfolio of key international venues. Currently over 850,000 including specialist on-site suppliers. Our on-site project managers are permanently based on location. There is a huge advantage to having local knowledge.

Our knowledge and experience include ‘show-calling’ an event.

Phew…  But there’s more !!!

An example of add-on services

  • Accommodation – we negotiate the best rates on your behalf

  • Assistance with any printed literature, such as welcome packs, printed maps, itineraries, etc…

  • Branding / Promotional Materials inc Clothing

  • Delegate registration and check-in

  • Fully manned help desk, the registration point

  • On-site Event / Project Manager

  • Access to purpose-built conference rooms, hotels to cruise ships.

  • Specialist business Coaches & Facilitators that add purpose to events

  • Sourcing of suitable event speakers and facilitators

  • Transfer service – Airport & Local Destinations

  • Travel documentation inc VISA assistance

  • FREE Venue Finding (Including ocean-based cruise ships)

FREE Conference Venue Search

…we make it happen !

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