Case Studies & FAQ

Here you will see various itineraries we offer corporate clients. Every event we design needs to be flexible for any last minute changes

Client Case Studies

Call Centre – Time is Money

THE REQUIREMENT We were approached by a call center that wanted us to help them reduce the level of cigarette breaks employees were having by introducing a healthier option which would retain the staff to their desks for a longer period of time.

“We welcomed the opportunity to assist with HR events”

THE RESULT We introduced 3 step motivation tool. The first was by having various masseurs approaching the staff whilst they were working and ask them if they would like a neck and hand massage to help them de-stress. The second was offering them a fruit selection of apples, pears, grapes which they could nibble at their desk. The third was someone going around early afternoon with coffee and mints served to them at their desks.  The clients felt that the operation was a complete success and did reduce the staff numbers from leaving the building for smoke breaks.

Private Small Group Away Day

THE REQUIREMENT We were asked by an office manager to offer a memorable day away group experience for five amazing employees. The objective was based around fun and communication within the group. It also had to leave a lasting impression.

THE RESULT With exception to the manager, we let the five staff within a group, think that they were attending a corporate milestone event which was being celebrated at a restaurant in Paris. So everyone was asked to meet early at the airline check-in desk. Everyone was told that there was no need to pack any luggage as they would be coming back the same day. Really cheap one-way low-cost flight tickets were purchased. The focus was on pushing quality and value which obviously left many pondering on whether they would, in fact, be returning home via coach transportation. In actual fact, their return was pre-planned using a hired private jet. Imagine the impact that had, which still is a talking point to this day…

McKinsey & Company

We were required to organise a team building event at the Palace Hotel in New York for over 300 McKinsey & Co staff. The event was aimed at establishing the benefits of working together. The overall feedback from the client was that it was enjoyable and created a good break between the serious discussions of the day.

Shell Upstream International BV

EVENT 1 We were required to design a relaxing destress event where the group could have fun communicating with each other away from the serious message of the day. By separating the two, the group was allowed to digest more of what they learned due to the relaxed nature of how we designed the event.

EVENT 2 Required to design a quiz evening for over 1000 guests at the European Space Centre in the Netherlands.


Linkedin Corporation

We were asked to design a group incentive that would help individuals within the organisation come together which in turn help their communication skills amongst each other.


MTV was hosting an event during the Cannes film festival and asked us to supply and manage some racing simulators that were coin free. These were great icebreakers and had everyone regardless of seniority within the organisation to relax and create a promotional awareness that complemented their brand.


We were asked by the Swiss office of Reuters to design a treasure hunt through the streets of Amsterdam. The event involved splitting the group into teams and were asked to travel on foot solving the clues.

Daily Mail & Mail on Sunday

Our events team managed to create a brand new team building game that was specially designed for the Daily Mail staff. It was based on newspaper circulations. Importantly, it was about learning and understanding how the paper industry works. It had everyone competing amongst each other which proved to be lots of fun.

FAQ Section

The UK Bribery Act


Information clarity on UK The Bribery Act legislation. After much long awaited time, the ~UK Government has stated it will NOT outlaw corporate hospitality. In fact, the new rules state that “The Act should not be used to prevent companies from entertaining customers”. This dispels the myth that corporate guests in breach of The Act may have been at risk for accepting corporate hospitality.


The Justice Secretary announced that ‘bona fide hospitality and promotions or other business expenditure that seeks to improve the image of a commercial organisation, better present products and services, or establish cordial relations and important part of doing business and it is not the intention of the Act to criminalise such behaviour’… This bring peace of mind under a common sense approach related to corporate entertainment for customers or suppliers.



Why choose us?

Our Focus ?
Our focus is in designing value for money travel & event packages. The aim for all businesses is to make profits. Our historical record already outlines the benefits provided to a number of branded companies. Whether it’s for a staff incentive package, conference, a fun activity or simply looking for either a retreat or honeymoon package, experience what door we can open !


Global connections ?
Our 25 years experience has made us serious player within the international event planning arena. For those that are curious… Yes, we also organise events within mainland Europe and the UK as we consider this as local. With such a vast supplier list, we may be amongst the most resourceful event planners around. Our focus is in designing events that enhance; luxury, enjoyment and communication.


The value of project management
All our project managers around the world are trained individuals with years of experience which means that they are at the forefront in preventing any negative issues relating to your event ever occurring. This often relates to issues that may seem simple when first discussing itineraries or schedules at the time of booking but often can be lost in translation. Project managers first responsibility is the client.


So many companies offering events…
Over the last 25 years, our clientele has grown. In our experience, its seldom about the budget but quality and value, however although budgets are an important factor, but more so; it’s often about the final end result that matters.


We always need to understand the core values behind both the organisation paying the account and the profile or make-up of those participating.

Let us explain; Assume we are required to organise a communication enhancing event for two very different industry sectors. One being a firm of prestigious accountants whilst the other being a sales oriented telesales operation… Due to the difference in work practices and staffing personalities, it’s not difficult to see why the final outcome may be different. This is important issue when considering the perfect event to select.


How long has your organisation been working within the events industry
That’s easy… The company has been organising high-end corporate events for over 25 years. Very little surprises us, but we always keep an open mind. We like to think that we know every aspect of the event planning industry and yes, often we do get surprises. Our buying power coupled with experience are proven traits which depict our market value.


How much detail do you need before you can start?
The more information clients supply at the outset, the better the final outcome. We want to ensure that all events work like clock work. Our secret has been a fully adaptable function sheet that is completed prior to execution of any event program.


Do you have any preferred locations
The answer to this is No. We have over 37 representation offices with is roughly just over 160 event suppliers worldwide from North America to Australia. They all understand the value of local communication and have in-depth knowledge of any advance festivals that help get the most out of any group event.


I want to feel comfortable with one source
Many of our clientele prefer to deal with a single source when it comes to organising an event rather than a collection of mixed suppliers where there is no central focal direction. This is key especially when you may at times need to shuffle event schedules and timings. This is a logistics issue and often discourages many from handling the projects directly. Its exactly what we have been doing for 25 years.


Anything you don’t do?
Children’s events, weddings ceremonies and bad events.

Privacy Policy

When you interact with the Fun Events Group we sometimes receive or collect personal information about you. All information held is regulated under the data-protection and can be accessible upon a written request. We do not keep any sensitive information on any server.


For example, if you write to us or sign up to a newsletter, you might tell us who you are, how we can contact you and what you think of the Fun Events Group and the goods and services it provides.

If you enter a competition, or apply for tickets from the Fun Events Group or any associated event, we may collect your contact details. If you register for an account, we may ask you to provide some personal information, such as your email address, so that we can manage your registration. We will never ask for any credit or debit card information as all payments are made via BACS.

The information we collect may vary depending on upon which Fun Events Group service you’re using.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our office should you require any additional information.

How event prices are set ?


1 * Transportation logistics

This refers to passenger distribution; from transfers, coaches to flight ticketing. Did you know that we are able to get the best prices on the market for airline seats if the group size exceeds 50 people. We have agreements in place where we are able to beat any on-line price plus give you the advantage of having flexibility in your tickets; Name changes, last minute alterations (normally permitted with business class), All airlines from BA, TAP, etc…


2 * Location

Where the event is being staged can be subject to price and value. This can also reflect on final quality of an event. Consider an excitable location, look at different city or country where you get more from an event. We always consider overseas locations for large events. Better exchange rate and easy logistical access and a look at any hidden charges that may be either included or even imposed as penalties like local taxes either directly or indirectly.


3 * Hotel / Venue Selected

Hotel rates vary from location / city / country. We can often get enhanced rates as group concessions also known as sweeteners.


4 * Event duration

This refers to total time from start to finish… 1 day to 5 days etc.


5 * Group size

The cost for various products and services often are cheaper subject to group size. The greater the group size the greater the discount. (Please note that the level of discount varies from event to type of services being commissioned.


6 * Budget

An open budget however beautiful this may sound is not realistic. Over spending on events can and often does happen and if accounting procedures are not recorded then this would be dangerous to all parties. Flexibility is also important as many clients often have the need for those last minute trinkets and souvenirs.


7 * Cancellation Policy

All bookings must be confirmed and paid for within 16 weeks prior to the event date. Any event cancelled within 12 weeks of the event date would mean that zero refund is applicable. Any cancellation made prior to 16 weeks will quality for full 100% refund. This will however not include any costs incurred for for flights as their prices are always subject to last minute changes and alterations.


8 * Changes and Amendments

With group bookings, there are often changes and alterations being made till the last four weeks of departure. We understand this and as policy, changes are permitted 4 weeks prior to the event date. However we do allow flexibility on this. Please note that this policy does not include any pre-paid airfares that may have been paid.


9 * Delegate registration, Conference Set-up ~ Set Design ~ Staging ~ Lighting and including take-down and clearance of waste

This refers to anyone considering planning a conference.


10 * Type of activities or services selected as extras.

Don’t assume that all products and services being commissioned on events are the same price. Whether its team building activities, theatre evenings, spa activities or golfing green fees, event and personal security to syndicate room hire rates etc, Please note that our full proposals outline all aspects of can or those that should be included.