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Trusted & affordable dental work…

Ottery Travel have teamed up with an English speaking, private orthodontic practice in southern Spain that is focused in satisfying the dental need of every customer.

How far would you go for great teeth, quality service, sun and saving money?

Our office is happy to accept requests for dental implant treatment from everyone in the UK. The secret is finding a quality high-end dental practice that has been vetted, and saves you lots of money. Travel arrangements from local airports are possible as all ticketing and travel documentation are normally sent via E-mail. Should you have any questions, simply call our office.

Judge the quality for yourself:

Why not consider visiting the dental practice for a non-obligation assessment. A private dental service that offers all patients the latest in modern technology in diagnosis and treatment.
We know all about pre-trip insecurities of trying someone new let alone visiting a practice that is overseas. Looking at the level of repeat business dental tourism generates, our orthodontic team in Spain will make you feel comfortable. With modern hygienic rooms and highly qualified practitioners that are regularly updated on the latest orthodontic technics.
A relaxing place where staff are always undergoing continuous hands-on training programs at all levels.


High-end results at affordable prices

We think that no customer should pay over the odd prices for private dental treatment.


Clinic values:

  • Passion: Dedicating and commitment to the work they do and they enjoy making people happy.

  • Quality and excellence: Always offering a relaxed and professional experience for everyone visiting the clinic.

  • Talent: Over 10 years in providing specialist dental treatments that enhance confidence within individuals.

  • Compromise and responsibility: No do not compromise on quality, because their responsibility is putting the interests of every patient  first.

With an ever increasing demand for high-end dental implants, our UK travel team at Ottery Travel are there to help with any travel logistics that will allow you to access any treatment making your visit a less stressful experience.

The clinic have established a series of systems that involve aligning yourself with strict
procedures and marking procedures for the following management systems.

Practice certifications: EFQM, SICTED, UNITED NATIONS and DENTAL Q.


** The Average Cost For a “Private UK” single tooth implant is £ 3,500/00
Prices range from £ 2,300 – £ 5,500 per tooth)
(In many cases the cost of a crown is extra)

** Cost of single implant at the “Private Spanish” clinic we recommend is:
Only 995 €uro (£ 851) for the implant + 500 €uro  (£ 427) for the crown.
That’s approx £ 1,278/00 – (63.5% cheaper !!!)


The following example is based on a minimum of 3 implants

Approx UK Cost for Implants: £10,500

Approx Spanish Cost for Implants: £3,834

The additional factors such as flights, accommodation and transfers are marginal costs and what’s more important is the fact that our office has managed to save you a HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY!


Imagine the SAVINGS should you have multiple implant requirements!

Timeline for dental work in Spain (Travel arrangements by Ottery Travel)

2 Visit timeline for dental implant work in Spain (Travel handled by Ottery Travel)

First VisitFREE Consultation / Option of Dental work:
: Flight – Airport transfers to Dental Clinic > Clinic to selected accommodation > Transfers from Accommodation to Airport
(minimum of 1 nights stay).
Should any dental work be undertaken, we would recommend you consider a minimum 2 nights stay to safe guard any airline altitude issues.

A 3 months rest period is recommended
This is to allow for a healing period before re-visiting dental practice

Second Visit – Dental work – Implant fittings:
SCHEDULE: Transfer from Airport to dental practice > Transfers from Dental Practice to selected accommodation for a minimum of 1 night stay.

6 Month Check-Up Visits
We will also handle any bi-annual check-up requirements required. This is to assess that fittings are perfect and comfortable and should any issues arise, these can be handled on the day of the visit.

Useful Guidance


As an organisation, health and safety is paramount and so is helping many receive value for money.

Your first trip to the clinic will be to have an assessment for the treatment required. Once the clinic has discussed this with you, our travel team will outline a travel itinerary based around your treatment plan. Should you prefer, we can arrange a meet & greet at the airport or even a travel buddy to be with you for the complete duration to help with any language issues etc.

There are no charges for any initial dental consultation, however there would be a fixed rate charge should you require a personal travel buddy to accompany you for the duration of your stay.



Ottery Travel design personal travel itineraries on behalf of individuals looking at dental treatment overseas. They work alongside a modern, single private orthodontic practice based in sunny southern Spain that specialises in all types of dental work at very affordable prices. The clinic is approx one hour driving time from the airport.

Ottery Travel are there to help you with: Appointment schedulingFlights, Transfers, Accommodation and Activities (Catching a sun tan is optional).

For Reference - BDC


Before you commit to any private dental treatment whether it is in the UK or overseas, always get best impartial unbiased advice. See the link from the General Dental Council.

Frequently Asked Questions

What has dental treatment got to do with a UK based travel Agent?

The term is Dental Tourism – Ottery Travel is the appointed agent for a particular overseas orthodontic practice. The partnership between Ottery Travel & the dental practice allows individuals the flexibility of knowing that their travel itinerary including accommodation and transfers are professionally handled on their behalf. Any questions regarding treatment and advice will be provided by the orthodontics based in Spain.

Can I be recommended directly to the dental practice without using your travel company?

The answer is YES. In order to register, you first need to complete a dental health questionnaire. This is sent directly to the practice and they can deal direct with you.

Can this be undertaken on the NHS ?

The answer is NO. Like many dental practices in mainland UK, the service provided is private and is chargeable.

How complex is the procedure?

The procedure is standard however the level of treatment and service will differ subject to practices. The dental practice we recommend works hard to maintain a high level of health and safety record and customer care is paramount. As a professional dental practice, it recommends a suitable healing period.

Can I travel back to the UK on the same day?

We recommend that you leave a gap of at least 24 hours after any surgery regardless of type of surgery as airline altitude effects different people in different ways.


Dental Health Questionnaire

  • Please enter a number from 18 to 95.