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Frequently asked questions

Why Choose Us ?

Global connections ?
Our experience has made us serious player within the international events arena. For those that are curious… Yes, we also organise events within the UK as its where we are based. With such a vast supplier list, we believe that we may be amongst the most knowledgeable event planners around. Our focus is in designing events that enhance; luxury, fun and communication.

The value of project management
All our project managers are trained individuals with years of experience which means that they are at the forefront in preventing any negative issues relating to your event ever occurring. This often relates to issues that may seem simple when first discussing itineraries at the time of booking but often can be lost in translation. Project managers first responsibility is the client. The client and not the suppliers we contract with. For example, hotels, restaurants etc.

So many companies offering events…
Over the last 20 years, our clientele has grown. In our experience, its seldom about the budget, however although it us an important factor, but more so; it’s often about the final end result. For this purpose, it is important for us to understand the core values of both the organisation paying the account and the profile or make-up of those that will be involved. Let us explain; Assume we are required to organise the same event but for two very different industries. One the one side are a firm of prestigious firm of accountants whilst the other are top sales people for the cosmetics industry… Due to the difference in personalities, it’s not difficult to see why the final outcome will always be different. This is important issue when considering the perfect activity.

How long has your organisation been working within the events industry
That’s easy… The company has been organising high-end corporate events for over 20 years. Very little surprises us, but we always keep an open mind. We like to think that we know every aspect of the event planning industry and yes, often we do get surprises. Our buying power coupled with experience are proven traits which depict our market value.

How much detail do you need before you can start?
The more information clients supply at the outset, the better the final outcome. We want to ensure that the complete event works like clock work. Our secret has been a fully adaptable function sheet that is completed prior to execution of any event.

Do you have any preferred locations
The answer to this is No. We have over 37 representation offices with is roughly just over 160 event suppliers worldwide that understand the value of local communication and in-depth knowledge of any festivals that help get the most out of a group event.

I want to feel comfortable with one source
Many of our clientele prefer to have one source to organise the complete event rather than a collection of suppliers with whom that they may need to shuffle event schedules and timings. This is a logistics issue and often discourages many from handling the projects directly. Its exactly what we have been doing for 20 years.

How do you set your prices for events - There are ``ten`` main issues that reflect the final price.

1 * Transportation logistics
This refers to passenger distribution; from transfers, coaches to flight ticketing. Did you know that we are able to get the best prices on the market for airline seats if the group size exceeds 50 people. We have agreements in place where we are able to beat any on-line price plus give you the advantage of having flexibility in your tickets; Name changes, last minute alterations (normally permitted with business class), All airlines from BA, TAP, etc…

2 * Location
Where the event is being staged can be subject to price and value. This can also reflect on final quality of an event. Consider an excitable location, look at different city or country where you get more from an event. We always consider overseas locations for large events. Better exchange rate and easy logistical access and a look at any hidden charges that may be either included or even imposed as penalties like local taxes either directly or indirectly.

3 * Hotel / Venue Selected
Hotel rates vary from location / city / country. We can often get enhanced rates as group concessions also known as sweeteners.

4 * Event duration
This refers to total time from start to finish… 1 day to 5 days etc.

5 * Group size
The cost for various products and services often are cheaper subject to group size. The greater the group size the greater the discount. (Please note that the level of discount varies from event to type of services being commissioned.

6 * Budget
An open budget however beautiful is not realistic. Over spending on events can easily happen if accounting procedures are not recorded. Care should also be handled as most client requirements will often not include those last minute amendments or needs.

7 * Cancellation Policy
All bookings must be confirmed and paid for within 12 weeks prior to the event date. Any event cancelled within 12 weeks of the event date would mean that zero refund is applicable. Any cancellation made prior to 12 weeks will quality for full 100% refund. This will however not include any costs incurred for for flights as their prices are always subject to last minute changes and alterations.

8 * Changes and Amendments
With group bookings, there are often changes and alterations being made till the last four weeks of departure. We understand this and as policy, changes are permitted 4 weeks prior to the event date. However we do allow flexibility on this. Please note that this policy does not include any pre-paid airfares that may have been paid.

9 * Delegate registration, Conference Set-up ~ Set Design ~ Staging ~ Lighting and including take-down and clearance of waste
This refers to anyone considering planning a conference.

10 * Type of activities or services selected as extras.
Don’t assume that all products and services being commissioned on events are the same price. Whether its team building activities, theatre evenings, spa activities or golfing green fees, event and personal security to syndicate room hire rates etc, Please note that our full proposals outline all aspects of can or those that should be included.