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Perfect For Solo Adventures

We have a huge selection of travel-based party offers available around the globe. There’s nothing more inspirational than an adventure that’s shared with like-minded people. The answer often varies based on which tour operator provides that magic. 


UK-based weekend events range from; Mobile Detox – These are activities where mobiles are not invited. UK & EUROPEAN Golfing, High-End Luxury, Wine & Gourmet, and many others. 

European breaks range from sightseeing tours including accommodation, and meals but do not cover personal beverage costs.

If shared solo experiences sound appealing, then register today. We are happy to discuss this further or why not try our online form for a faster response?  

LET’S START HERE – It’s very normal for single travellers to book holidays on their own. Gone is the stigma that you needed to book with another.


We group people based on interest, numbers, activities, and resort availability



You’re in great hands.


Did you know that many are willing to spend thousands of pounds, dollars, and euros on motivational wellness therapy when in fact all they often need is to be amongst like-minded people within a positive yet foreign environment that encourages conversation and a good feel factor. Discover the value of all-inclusive group events.

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