Bucket List Adventures

Range of fun activities you may want to for-fill in life.



The ultimate mystery train tour through the heart of Russia. You will get to experience a mixture of culture and architectural beauty whilst enjoy the company of different cultures and religions on route.

Route 66

No other road sign expresses more in terms of adventure. Whether on the back on a Harley or simply a planned itinerary that shows the best eateries and attractions on route, we make your experience simply amazing.

African Safari

A camping experience like never before, forgot the two man tent with backpacks… With us, it’s more about being pampered via a complete luxury experience. With an average a staffing ratio of 4 to 1, our aim is to treat you like royalty from start to finish.

Icebreaker SAMPO – Finland

The Icebreaker Sampo is a supply ship that travels north of Finland. As it breaks the ice, it leaves behind a freshly created dark trail within the white landscape. Guests can enjoy the still waters behind the vessel. We do remind people that they will be wearing “DRYSUITS” and the only part uncovered will be the face.

We know that everyone’s bucket list adventure is going to be different.

Due to content size, we are unable to add so many options. One reason is that we design bespoke itineraries around the world. Our aim is to create something that is tailored to your needs from concept to completion. Contact our office and discover real adventure.

Share your dream with us.