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Complete Business Travel Services

Business Made Fun


Our travel office is well accustomed and experienced at handling all types of business logistics including travel arrangements.

Event Investors: Term for individuals requiring access to high-end suppliers in order to promote their event. Type of events are left to the investors.

  • Project Management – All Events

  • Corporate Event Planning

  • In-house Travel Manager

  • Team Building Events

  • Complex Group Event Itineraries

  • Destination Management

  • Conferences To Motivational Events

  • Site Inspection Trips

  • Set Design and Production

  • Staff Incentives

  • 25 Year Track Record

  • Corporate Travel Club Service

  • Event Investors (External)

  • FREE Venue Finding Service

Perfect for groups; staff Incentives, overseas weddings, conferences and social jollies.

B2B Consultancy

Consultancy Service


Having a global network of suppliers focused within the events market makes us a valued choice for all types of tender applications. These range from:

  • Transport Services

  • Travel Bookings

  • Training Workshops

  • Health & Wellbeing Activities

  • Customer Service Training & Development

  • Personal Travel Guides

  • Design & Print Services

  • Marketing & PR

  • Consumer Research

  • Motivational Development


Q: How long have you been established?
A: The Answer is… Since 1997.


Q: What track record do you have with large organisations?
A: The answer is… The best way to answer this would in inviting you to take a closer look at our testimonials section on this website


Q: Can you offer ROI (Return on investment)
A: The answer is… Dependent on the nature of your enquiry, ROI is often an area that focuses on long term projections and would include areas of staff incentives, motivational activities that bond groups to helping organisations with customer service training and development.

Pop-Up Travel Stations

Benefit For Organisations


Employers have a duty of care and wellbeing by often offering staff certain in-house benefits.
The concept of a Travel Pop-up Station would allow employees within organisations to be able to use their free break time, to look at booking their next get-away. The perfect opportunity allowing individuals to be able to research and help them find their perfect holiday in a stress free environment.


Q: What’s the most common set-up area within a company?
A: The Answer is… The ideal place is the staff canteen area.


Q: What can be offered to security sensitive locations as currently we would not be comfortable with any outside civilian on site?
A: The answer is… We are happy to appoint someone that is already established on a particular location, perhaps a spouse of a serving individual that is looking for an aditional vocation. Regardless of it being a freelance position, our office would provide them with free on-line training and the benefit of a good commission package. This practice does not infringe on any security issues.


Q: Can you help any size organisation
A: The answer is… It would be subject to whether a particular project is economically viable. What this means is that there needs to be enough ‘pass by’ traffic to make the project viable. For example, Anywhere over 50 employees within an organisation would work well.

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